Healthy Life!

A healthy life is all about choices. But, what does it make us pick a healthy life? Some people wants just to look good. Statistics show that 97-98% of women somehow express a sense of a "hate moment about their body." How about a medical condition or simply been motivated by someone else? A very common one: "a new year's resolution." Our catalyst should not be "willpower." Our goal should be a long lasting change. We should make them a lifestyle!

 How do we make these changes possible? We need to analyze ourselves and give us the opportunity to embark on a health journey that will bring wellness to our lives. I do not promise a fountain of youth, but a life full of mental health, physically in shape, spiritually vital, socially inspiring and become a living testimony.

This whole transformation is not easy, but with the Lord and your commitment, it will be doable. There are some habits that will become the key to success. Let's work on three basic components of our human nature: body, mind, and spirit. Since everyone is different, together we will study what is the best for you and lets work in their subcomponents. It is just a matter of tweaking them until you achieve your goal.


We will be uploading the material very soon!