About Us..

House of the Scriptures is a ministry that believes in a triune God manifested in our Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Set Apart Spirit).

-Our Purpose: To challange you to put your faith in action. We want to open our hearts and extend multiple resources to you.

-Our objective: To know and establish a deeper relationship with God throughout Jesus, our savior, the one who cleans and carried our sins. However, this is not just a decision but it is a lifetime journey. How do we achieve that? Throughout the Scripture. However, first you need to understand a fundamental fact.
In the beginning, God created a master plan (a perfect blueprint). In that plan, He stipulated everything: what to eat, how to maintain a relationship with Him, instructions and laws to follow. Despite our disobedience, God, who never change His Word, has made a covenant after covenant to keep us close to Him, including His Son, as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. This way God created a streamline (a bridge) between the human kind and Him.

You are part of this master blueprint. We are inviting you to join us and let's embrace this journey together.


What can we offer you?

 Our ministry does not do business with the Word of God

•  God is blessing us with so many things that we want to share our blessings

•  Our goal is to spread the good news of our Savior, understand and develop an eternal relationship with Him

•  The Scripture presents a healthy lifestyle from the beginning and throughout     Jesus ministry. It is our intention understand and live the best you can                   according to the Scripture

•  Let us pray and study together or simply use our material

•  If you need spiritual counseling, we are here for you